I’m planning a project box to use inside of my HTPC build. I want to avoid having any USB dongles off the back, so I will be using an internal USB hub inside an aluminum box. On one side of the box I will have passthrough connectors for the power and usb connection for the hub. On another side I will have 3 RP-SMA connections and one 8pin DIN connection. These connections will be used to connect 3 WIFI antennas, 2 LEDS and one Vandal Resistant switch with LED illuminated ring. I am planning on installing the above antennas/leds/switch on a blank PCI plate. I may install a piece of mesh aluminum on the top panel of the project box to allow for ventilation.
I only have paint at work, so here is a basic sketchup of my plan. And yes, I understand this is completely unnecessary, but I am building this HTPC with form over function in mind. I currently use a wifi antenna with my RF keyboard, and it improves the reception immensely. Hopefully the same holds true for the xbox receiver and the bluetooth dongle.

Also I just ordered the internal IR receiver from Perfect Home Theater, looking forward to its arrival.