I have been working for some time now on applying white waterslide decals to the front of my Wesena E7 case. There have been some challenges as the aluminum grain left pockets of air on my first attempt, and the decals looked like scotch tape.

My current stage in the process is as follows:

I still need to apply a few layers of gloss paint on top to protect the decals and hide the edges.

The frest test I did was to apply the decals and use three methods of fixation. I used water, Micro Sol, and Micro set.

Top left is with only Micro set, Top Middle is 4 applications of Micro Sol, Top Right is 1 application of micro set and 2 applications of micro sol. Bottom right is just water, but it looks worse then in the photo. The big squares on the bottom middle and right are just paint, but it was matte so Im waiting on gloss to coat the decals.  

The next test I did was to coat the decals in gloss paint. I used Testors GlossCoat enamel.
I finished part one of my testing, and the glosscoat makes the decals look much better. The photos below are not great, it was hard to show the edges of the decal on a gloss black surface. After the decal dried from the microsol for 24 hours, I used 1 light mist coat of paint, let it dry for 15 min, and then put on 4 thicker coats, 1 every 15 min. I made no effort to paint well, as its the bottom of the case and I will remove it all anyway. Also, the middle decal has a clear edge on the left side, it is from the decal folding over on itself, and the rest of the decal is harder to see.

On a previous test I only used water and microset, didnt let it dry long enough and useg krylon clear spray paint. It looked terrible, heres a picture you can see the decals look like scotch tape, hopefully the finished decals look much better.